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Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

1300 122 888
Risk Factors


The Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic is conducted at Heart of Melbourne and provides a direct and timely access to expert cardiology assessment and investigation for chest pain syndromes.

The clinic review is completed by our consultant cardiologist led chest pain team. If required, we aim to perform the urgent investigations on the day or within one week of clinic review. Investigations may include:

  • Exercise treadmill test

  • CT coronary angiography

  • Myocardial perfusion scans

  • Stress echocardiography

  • Invasive coronary angiography.

The clinic offers a quick review of referred outpatients, without a waiting list or prolonged waiting times, to expedite outpatient assessment, investigations, diagnosis, treatment, risk-factor modification and follow-up of low to intermediate risk chest pain patients.

Patients will be seen once at the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic and, if further cardiology follow-up is required, this will be discussed with the patient and organised accordingly. 

All outpatient tests in Heart of Melbourne are bulk billed. There will be no cost to the patient.

Chest Pain Clinic



Appropriate patients for the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic include: 

  • Chest pain suspected to be of cardiac origin 

  • New symptoms/recent onset of chest pain

  • Increasing chest pain

  • Change in pattern of chest pain 

  • Chest pain of uncertain aetiology 

  • Other chest pain of concern 

ST elevation on ECG is a medical emergency. 


Patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes (ACS) should be referred to the Emergency Department for inpatient assessment, or discussed directly with the Cardiologist at 1300 122 888.

If you are a referring doctor, contact us directly to access cardiologist for any urgent advice:

Phone:    1300 122 888

Fax:          03 8080 0766


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