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Medicare Rebate for Medical Practitioners

The Federal Government determines how much “Medicare” will pay for a particular medical service. Over the years, the benefit levels have not kept up with the inflation rate in Australia, which is currently reported as 6.1%. This results in a significant difference between reasonable fees and the rebate, termed as "gap".

The Medicare Rebate has been in a frozen state for a significant amount of time over the last ten years. However, costs for running a medical practice continue to rise, on par with the general inflation rate: wages for receptionists and nurses, rent, medical equipment and their services, cleaning, electricity, accounting fees, computers and IT, indemnity, insurances etc.

The medical practice has to meet all these costs to be able to run efficiently and provide optimal services to their patients.

At Heart of Melbourne, we endeavour to minimise the out-of-pocket gap charges without impacting on the quality of services offered. This can be a difficult balance to achieve. However, we pride ourselves on our quality, and work hard in the best interests of our patients.

We work closely with your GPs to provide our services and maintain effective communication. Patients are required to obtain referrals prior to their appointment at Heart of Melbourne to be eligible for the Medicare Rebate. The GP-referral is related to the specific problem and is valid for 12 months.

Patient care and a positive patient experience remain our primary focus.


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