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Heart of Melbourne Team Performs The First Structural Heart Procedure Of Knox Hospital

Dr James Sapontis, Dr Asrar Ul Haq and the Knox team after the Watchman procedure.

In another first, Dr James Sapontis supported by Dr Asrar Ul Haq and Knox Private Cardiac team, seen pictured above, performed the WATCHMAN® procedure.

In this case, Atrial Fibrillation was discovered after the patient collapsed suddenly and was taken to hospital. Through further investigation, the patient was found to also have had an intracranial bleed, therefore blood thinners was not viable treatment option and left untreated, the AF would have been fatal.

(The WATCHMAN® is a small coin sized, permanent heart implant and is a procedure for stroke prevention in AF patients. It reduces the risk of stroke-causing blood clots originating from the heart’s left atrial appendage. The procedure is specifically designed for patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) that is unrelated to a heart valve condition and who don’t respond well to blood thinners.)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Structural Heart Teams above and all the Knox Cardiac teams who have delivered excellent patient care and positive outcomes for these and other patients and this year!


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